Braze Inspiration Guide

Need to brainstorm new messaging and find innovative ways to meet your business goals? Or have an existing campaign that you want to take to greater heights? In today’s fast-moving customer engagement landscape, even the savviest brands can use a little help to stay ahead of the curve and build strong, sustainable customer relationships.

The Braze Inspiration Guide is here to help. This collection of 50 inspirational use cases—inspired by real campaigns carried out by Braze customers—can be easily customized to fit your unique needs and address your unique challenges. The guide is structured as a library of customer engagement use cases, making it easy to skip to the growth levers (e.g. Activation, Monetization, Retention) or campaigns (e.g. abandoned cart, loyalty enrollment, year-in-review) that interest you.

From learning how to effectively drive new users to download your app to exploring how to leverage iOS Live Activities to provide ongoing updates to your customer base, the Braze Inspiration guide has something for every marketer who’s ready to elevate their customer engagement strategy.

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