API Strategy Essentials

MuleSoft’s API Strategy Blueprint
Companies face many challenges in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Innovations arise, and customer demands shift — making delivering an excellent customer experience a moving target.
MuleSoft has created this blueprint to help organizations outline the most critical action items for successful API strategy development.
One of the most critical steps is identifying an universal API management solution. Companies must choose an API management solution that enables developers to consume all of an organization’s APIs through a single catalog. Universal API management acts as the ecosystem’s one-stop-shop single source of truth — regardless of which platform the APIs are developed on.
In this paper you will learn:
  • – How to establish an API strategy to create powerful customer experiences.
  • – Best practices based on thousands of leading enterprises to transform your existing business into one where the digital platform and ecosystem thinking are the dominant mindsets.
  • – The importance of selecting a universal API management platform.
  • – How a thriving API ecosystem empowers companies and drives innovation

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