10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC

In the last few years, enormous unpredictability has led to radical changes in the way we live and work. For organizations both public and private, digital transformation has gone from priority to urgent imperative, and accelerated cloud technologies and the power of data are driving the most critical innovations.
Security teams find themselves not at the perimeter, but at the epicenter, keeping pace with transformation, adapting to pandemic challenges, geopolitical tensions, an acute talent shortage, more sophisticated attacks and a rise in breaches.

So how can security teams stay ahead of the changing times? Download your copy of “10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC” to learn:

  • How to build a modern SOC and how a security operations platform can help.
  • The 10 capabilities needed to power a modern SOC.
  • How the Splunk Security Operations Solution can help teams with investigation, analysis, and orchestration.

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