Increase Right-party Contacts with Branded Calling

Years of industry research and collaboration are about to pay off. It’s safe to say 2024 will be the year Rich Call Data (RCD) and branded calling change how businesses and consumers communicate. Are you ready?
In fact, according to a study by Forrester Consulting commissioned by TransUnion, 87 percent of respondents agreed “the phone channel is the most important outbound contact channel.” However, three out of four respondents said their organizations have low right-party contact rates. 
Imagine being able to brand calls with your company’s name, logo and even the reason for the call. The technology also provides authentication so consumers can trust the caller is who they say they are. With RCD right around the corner, businesses need to be ready to take advantage of this new, game-changing opportunity.
  • Address the epidemic of robocalls, call spoofing and fraud
  • Overcome calls being mistagged as spam or blocked

  • Reassure customers, get calls answered and improve the customer experience by adding context to calls, along with verification they haven’t been spoofed


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