Cloud Security & Compliance For Dummies

Future-proof your cloud security with this essential guide.

As more organizations embrace the cloud, rapid change is the new normal. That’s why it’s critical your cybersecurity tools and methods don’t become obsolete. It’s important to have up-to-date knowledge, a cohesive strategy and comprehensive tools that scale when needed.

We’re constantly striving to protect today’s digital way of life. That’s why we’ve updated Wiley’s Cloud Security & Compliance For Dummies®. Authored by seasoned security experts Lawrence Miller, CISSP, and Petros Koutoupis, this special edition will enable you to be ready for what’s next.

These quick six chapters will help you rethink your current security strategy, understand today’s cloud risks, and deploy frictionless security now and in the future.
What you’ll learn:
  • – The evolution of cloud-native computing and security.
  • – How to secure cloud and cloud-native applications.
  • – The regulatory landscape.
  • – How to build a cybersecurity team and leverage automation.
  • – Future cloud security trends.
  • – Best practices and actionable recommendations.
  • – DevSecOps and the future of security.
Reevaluate your cloud security and compliance knowledge with this complimentary guide.

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